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The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask Local Moving Companies

Do you offer binding quotes?

On your phone conversation, a mover should explain if a company like REAL RocknRoll Movers give binding quotes. A mover may give you a quote for inspecting the items you are moving in person. Any extra charges or hidden costs that may be incurred for the transit of the items to your new destination should be discussed. Additional charges may apply for long distance moves, parking, fuel, storage, heavy items, odd-shaped items, extremely delicate items, handling appliances or traversing stairs.


Do you offer insurance service?

Getting a moving company that offers insurance cover for your items is essential as you will be sure to get compensation in case of theft, damage or loss of your items. Discuss the kind of insurance cover that the mover offers. Whether you are moving from Sliverlake, Echo Park, Compton or Los Feliz, please feel free to ask for the additional cover of your valuable or delicate items. Some Los Angeles moving companies also collaborate with third-party insurers to cover the whole move process. If the mover you are contacting does not offer any insurance cover or doesn’t come perfectly clear on this service, better search for another moving company.

What are your terms of payment?

When it comes to issues of paying movers, it is important to agree on the deposit amount and amount due upon the delivery of your items to your new property. You should also remember to ask if your deposit will be refunded. Avoid movers who only accept cash as a means of payment. You should only make the full payment if your belongings have all been accounted for at your destination. Verification of any damaged items should be done in the presence of the mover. Find Out More – Just to be sure about the safety of your items, it is good to find out from your moving company if they have any restrictions on moving some of your items. You can, however, take your treasured items in your car when moving just to be on the safe side and reduce the cost if moving valuable items. Just make sure you have the money to pay a little more, because unforeseen changes can make your move more costly.
Finally, if you are moving from Los Angeles to another state, it would be good to ensure that your moving company is registered with the Department of Transportation.

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