Los Angeles Moving Companies – 5 Step Guide In Hiring Professional Movers

Are you searching for professional moving companies in Los Angeles to move you to a new home or relocate your office? This should not be hard if you use the following steps in getting a reputable mover who will work within your budget and successfully manage the moving process to the end:

Specify your case – after making the final decision to move, it is important that you identify the amount of items you are moving, type of items and the distance to your new home. Other factors to weigh in include the end of your leasing year, school year and the day you are planning to move. Relocating in off-peak seasons like in the mid-month could save you some money. Moving may turn out to be an expensive affair if you lack a good move plan. It is, however, important to remember that a very low budget will not cater for a misfortune or an emergency in moving your valuable items. After reviewing all of these factors, you can go ahead and search for a professional mover who also has the right equipment to handle safely your belongings.

Do research – gathering as much information as you can about several moving companies is very essential. Online reviews may be helpful. You can as well check with Better Business Bureau to find out if there are complaints about the movers from customers. Ensure that your mover has proper insurance and licensing.

Do an interview – after finding several moving companies, contact them by calling or emailing them. Ask them important questions like their binding quotes, insurance in their quotes, payment terms and the process of payment for your damaged or broken items. The movers’ communication should be professional and polite in answering all your questions. If they seem elusive in answering some questions, turn to other movers. From all those that you have interviewed, you can select a few.

Enquire for binding estimates – from the few moving companies that you have selected, you can ask them to provide you with written on-site binding estimates. Avoid movers who prefer giving you estimates over the phone or online as they may not be accurate, and the estimate may increase the moving cost. Some Los Angeles moving companies may send their representatives to your place to verify your items that help in making estimates. Some professional moving companies offers free on-site estimates. Local move estimates (like those in Eagle Rock, Koreatown,  Burbank, Chinatown, Hollywood, Wilshire, or Culver City) may depend on the hours taken while long-distance relocation may depend on a number of items to be moved and the distance to be covered. Most movers will, however, charge for the hours taken to move. You can then review and make a comparison of all the estimates provided by the movers. Ensure that you understand all the details in the written estimate. If the insurance provided is not sufficient for your needs, opt for third-party insurance.

Pick your mover – the final step should be picking your ideal mover. Contact the moving company, confirm all the necessary details and sign the moving contract. Your mover should provide you with an inventory list of your items and a bill of lading.

Avoid movers with the lowest costs as it may be a sign of incompetence. If the mover has an extremely high price, find the reason behind it and negotiate the best rate. You should also ensure that the deposit is refundable just in case you change your move day or cancel your move.